Samsung Watch Casinos

We have almost become accustomed to the great range of mobile and internet devices that our advances in technology have brought into the market. Our smart phones and tablets have changed our lives in many significant ways in the last two decades or so, and this new development seems to continue on that path.

The new Samsung watch is sensational and smart, and is really going to become something on everyone’s wish list. This little device will allow us to contact friends, play games, and even tell the time. The list of casino games we will be all be able to play on the Samsung watch is already growing every day. At the moment the list of casino games available for any smart watch is fairly limited, but all the major developers of online casino games are already hard at work devising new games for the Samsung watch, and adapting the old and well known games to be used on the small screen. There are likely to be huge developments in that field in the coming year.

Playing casino games, whether at a land based casino or on a mobile casino app has become one of the world’s biggest industries. The access to our favourite casino games will certainly become so much quicker with a little gaming machine readily available when we look down at our wrists. No hunting for our smart phone, or trying to remember where we left it last, or unpacking our tablets. We can spin the reels wherever we are, without attracting attention even on a crowded train or on a lunch break at work.

Exciting Samsung Watch Casino Apps

The latest edition of this innovative watch will allow us to monitor our heart rate, and water intake as well, with a variety of apps that are already in use, and some more that are being developed for use on the small device. One of the great benefits of a Samsung watch being used for fitness monitoring, is that we can go for a run without having to take the phone along, and running the risk of dropping it, or losing it. There are also touch based controls that work anywhere on the screen, not only on the buttons. That means we do not have to look at it to find the tunes we want to hear. We might even look like a secret agent operating a spying gadget.

The Samsung watch is becoming the reality in the world of mobile devices, and there will certainly be many benefits and exciting advances in the coming months. Microgaming, for instance, has already adapted one of their most popular slots games for use on the smart watch, and they are hard at work designing more. In fact, the licensed Batman slots game was originally designed for the Samsung Gear 2, the first internet casino game ever developed for the smart watch.

Casino Games for Samsung Watch

The biggest drawback to the development of casino games for the Samsung watch is of course the size of the screen. Probably the slots games will be confined to the five reel game, and it will certainly be interesting to see what they all come up with in regard to the roulette wheel or poker table. Smart watches are also not standardized, so each brand will have its own operating system and special features.