Online Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack is by far one of the most popular card games in casinos around the world, and this is no less true at those in Canada. There are many variations to it available on the internet, but the goal for each is for the player to end the game with a score closer to, but not exceeding, 21 than the dealer, and the mix of strategy; knowledge and luck that goes into the game are what make it such a popular choice when it comes to casino fun.

The players are dealt two cards, both facing up, and each of these has a set value attached. The cards from two to ten have a value equal to their number; the face cards are worth ten points each; and the aces can stand for either one point or 11.

The dealer is then dealt two cards as well, one face-up, and one hidden from the player’s sight.

Your hand’s value is the sum of the point value of your cards, and your next job is to work out what this sum is and then decide whether to hit; stand; split or double-down. The game will continue until you stand, or go bust -reach a hand total of more than 21 points.

When you hit during a blackjack game, it means that you ask that another card be dealt you. The value of this new card is then added to your total, and you may keep hitting until you go bust.

If you do not wish to be dealt another card, then you can choose to stand. You will then finish the game with the card total that you reached before this point.

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Online Blackjack Terms

If the two cards that you are originally dealt are of the same value you will be able to split, or divide them into two hands if you wish to do so. Each hand will then be dealt a second card, and will continue in this manner until a winner is declared. Should you wish to split your blackjack hand you will usually be required to lay another bet, equal to your first one, to cover the second hand.

Doubling down is an option for players who have managed to garner a particularly promising initial hand. When you double down you agree to hit only once more before you stand, and double your original bet. You will be stuck with the three-card hand you will then be left holding, but this can be a good thing if your first two cards were very auspicious ones.

Where to Play Online Blackjack

With blackjack being as popular as it is, there is certainly no shortage of online and mobile casinos for Canadians to enjoy the game at. This is a good thing, in terms of choice, but can severely impact how much time you actually spend playing, since you are likely to get so caught up comparing that the game never begins! Let our experts guide you as to the best places to enjoy blackjack online casinos, and ensure your fun and safety with when you start to play!