Online Roulette Casinos

For many Canadians, a day without roulette may as well be one that has not happened at all, and, thanks to the plethora of wonderful online casinos that cater to players from this country, getting a game in is as easy as pie.

This classic game is a staple at all the better online casinos, as it presents the perfect combination of knowledge; skill and luck for players to enjoy whenever they set the wheel spinning. The small house-edge allows for large wins, and the possibilities for strategies; tips and tricks are never-ending. has all the top bonuses and casinos available for you under one roof, and you can get your game on as soon as you like!

The first task for the Canadian roulette player is to place a bet, and you will simply use your mouse or fingerpad to move the chips you wish to wager onto the number and colour you feel is most likely to be the recipient of the ball when the wheel has stopped spinning. Your bet choices will include a specific number; a group of numbers; or the colours, red or black.

The ball is then released onto the roulette wheel, and the wheel begins to spin. When it comes to a stop, it will land in one of the wheel’s pockets, featuring a colour and a number. If you have guessed correctly, you win, and, at this point, can let it ride -or leave your winnings on the table. If you choose to do so, the game will then begin again.

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Different Versions of Online Roulette

There are a number of game variations for roulette, the first of which is the European. This wheel features the numbers one through 36, half of which will be black, the other red. The board also features a green zero, which increases the house’s edge slightly, and removes the players’ 50/50 odds of correctly guessing the colour of the pocket the ball will land in.

American roulette has the same set up as the European variation, with the addition of an extra green symbol, the double zero. This means that the house has a slightly higher edge in this variation.

The French variation has the same odds and bets as the first variation, but the numbers on the betting board are laid out differently. This layout change alters the manner in which players are able to bet, since multi-number wagers are possible as players are able to place chips on the lines between the numbers. Besides this small difference, this variation is identical to the European version.

The happy mix of pure luck combined with strategy and skill is what makes this casino games as popular as it is, and it is a rare player who does not have some experience with it, or does not desire to do so. The fact that free play is available makes it that much easier for those who have yet to experience the fun of it to get to grips with the rules, and you are able to enjoy risk-free fun for as long as you like. Visit to find out everything you need to know about enjoying the game of roulette at the finest online CAD casinos for Canadian players!